Saturday, October 24, 2015

30 Days of Yoga

I forgot to mention that I just finished Day 18 of this. Woot!

I'm really, really enjoying yoga. It's very nearly the highlight of my day. I need to try to figure out how to incorporate other workouts after the 30 days are up though. I don't think yoga is enough to get the results I really want. I just don't feel like doing anything else. Conundrum.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Update

I didn't get to log an update last week, but I was down 2 pounds. Woo hoo! Only .2 this week though. I guess it's all even. That's over 25 pounds since going AIP.

Honestly, I'm not sure there is much point in continuing AIP rather than just paleo. My allergies and asthma have basically been terrible for the last couple months and even with logging everything I eat I can't really pinpoint why I have an asthma attack one day versus the next. (I mean, I have asthma attacks because I have asthma, I guess.)

I am pleased with the little bit of weight loss and overall I do feel better. I suppose not eating grains or processed food would do that. And taking a level of interest in my health is probably good for my mental state. I think for now, I'll just continue eating this way, and try to be happy with feeling slightly better. It's still better.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 Summer Vacation

In June, we visited Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach. My nephew, Brandon, graduated from Princess Anne high school in VAB so we decided to make a week-long trip of it and split our time between the two locations. The full set of pictures is here. This was my second time in both cities, but a first for Casey and for Caelen.

We flew into D.C. on 6/13 and stayed at our first airbnb, a studio apartment in Foggy Bottom, near Georgetown University. We were really pleased with the location near Whole Foods and the metro, as well as being walking distance to the White House and national mall. The neighborhood was super cute with row houses and tiny gated front gardens. From our rooftop pool, we had a view of the Watergate complex. We also used Uber for the first time and were really happy with that too. Bonus - teaching Caelen how to travel.

Day 1 we walked to the White house, which was pretty much all we had time for as we got in late in the afternoon.

Day 2 was packed with all monuments on the mall, several of the Smithsonian museums (Air&Space, Natural History, American History) and the National Gallery. The WWII monument was under construction the first time I was in DC and it was awesome to see it completed. I think Casey and I enjoyed all of this much more than Caelen did. Casey was like a kid at the Air & Space Museum and I was pretty geeked out for the National Gallery and Julia Child's kitchen. We walked about 10 miles that day in 100+ heat indexes, so Caelen's lack of enthusiasm was understandable.

Day 3 was a Capitol tour with a congressional staffer, the Library of Congress, the National Archives and the Jefferson Memorial. The tour was amazing, and free! I hadn't been inside the Capitol building or the Archives on my first trip so this was fun to share together. (Caelen was still pretty bored.) 

Day 4 was Arlington National Cemetery and getting ready to drive to VAB. My camera died at this point. I think it was the heat and humidity. We got to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier, which is a humbling experience.

Day 5 we picked up a rental car from Union Station and drove to VAB. We stayed here and it was ok, with an amazing ocean view being the highlight. Traffic on I-95 and into Hampton Roads was terrible, so it took us most of the day. We arrived in time to have dinner and walk on the boardwalk.

Day 6 was beach day. I picked up a cheap boogie board for Caelen and taught him how to use it. The waves were pretty small, but it was perfect for a first-time beach excursion. I wanted to be the first person to take Caelen to the beach, so mission accomplished! This was his favorite part of the trip by far. We met up with my brother and family that night for dinner and visiting.

Day 7 was the actual graduation and I attended the ceremony while the boys hung out on the boardwalk. We attended the open house together that evening. It was really nice spending time my brother and his family, and I wish we could see more of each other.

Day 8 we got up early to watch the sunrise from our balcony, but it was pretty cloudy. We did see a wedding on the beach though. We drove back to DC for our flight home. We connected through Charlotte and were delayed by storms but I managed to score a first class upgrade for us.

Casey and I agreed that it was our best family vacation so far. I'm looking forward to more of these.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


This is Caelen's football picture from 5th grade. I don't have a good one from 7th yet, but he certainly doesn't look like this anymore - he's 12 going on 17 - complete with peach fuzz mustache coming in. Caelen's current team, Valley Silver, are in the semifinals tonight. You know I'm not into sports AT ALL. But I am VERY into CAELEN playing sports! He's really crushing it this year and I'm so proud.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

30 Days of Yoga

I made it through 8 days before I missed one and had to start over. Boo. As mentioned below, I lost a night of sleep on Saturday and Sunday I could barely muster energy to watch Caelen's football game Sunday, let alone do yoga.

I re-started on Tuesday, so I'm now on day 5. I really do enjoy yoga though and already (and even with my restarts) feel stronger and fitter.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday Update

Down .8 this week which is pretty amazing because all I wanted to do Sunday and Monday was eat. Saturday night, instead of sleeping I was up with an asthma attack as well as a stomach ache from antibiotics until 4am. When I lose a night of sleep like that (which seems to happen once a week) all I want to do is eat. I was out late at the Taylor Swift concert last night and lost some sleep there too. I was totally expecting a gain this morning.

I really have been trying to work on my sleep but with intermittent insomnia, asthma and code deploys I'm behind before I even start. I just need to be really on point with sleep whenever I can. I have a bad habit of reading past my bedtime. I do try to only read fiction before bed these days as I read an article that fiction, especially something light like the chick lit I love, is best for rest. I'm usually asleep by 11:00, but when I have to get up at 5:00, it's probably not enough sleep, especially since I lose a night nearly every week. So yeah, I really need to work on that.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

#RRL 2015

At the end of August Casey and I traveled to Davenport with Karen and Lee for River Roots Live 2015. We drove to Davenport Friday evening and stayed here which was super nice. We spent all of Saturday at the event, enjoying the bands, BBQ and breeze off the river. I was mainly there to see Kacey Musgraves, but we were pretty happy with the rest of the lineup and the price was a great deal.

Sunday we had brunch at the hotel before heading home. This was our first time traveling together with friends and we really enjoyed it.